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Guitar Lessons in London

Small group and individual lessons | Friday evenings | Lessons with Giovanni Caccioppo | Lessons at the Little School of Music | […]

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Gypsy Music Band

Learn to play Gypsy music which has its origins in Hungarian, Romanian and Russian styles. Our Gypsy Music session is perfect for Guitarists, Clarinet players and Violinists who are already confident players and want to learn to do more with their instrument. The band is lead by the wonderful violinist, Laci Olah. Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm Gypsy […]

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Pop Keyboard workshops with Brian Henry

A brand new class for talented young people who want to learn to play songs they love on piano. This is not a class for reading music, but is aimed at young people who want to gain confidence playing in bands and work towards performing in concerts. […]

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