The 51st State Band in concert at Putney Arts Theatre 2017

The 51st State Band represents the spirit of World Heart Beat Music Academy, bringing young musicians of all ages, backgrounds and abilities together to learn and play in a band where every member is a vital part of a complete whole.

Our annual concert at Putney Arts Theatre is a chance for the band to truly shine and showcases the variety, energy and dedication that students of the World Heart Beat Music Academy thrive on.

Over the years we have had some incredible guests; giving our young musicians the opportunity to play alongside renowned musicians who inspire them and our audience. This year we were delighted to have renowned British jazz trumpeter Byron Wallen, who sets a great example for our young jazz musicians in the band, especially with his improvisation skills. We also had Guy Henry, the amazing actor, come to present some Jack Petchey awards, as well as Julian Joseph, who gives endless support to our academy. Moreover we were lucky enough to be given an incredible 360 camera by South West London TV to film the night. You can see the video on youtube following this link.

We also had some excellent feedback:

“Congratulations on an excellent concert last night. We both thought it was the most polished 51st State Band in Concert we’d been to. A truly joyful event! You must be very proud. Thank you!” Tony

“I just wanted to say how great last night’s performances were! The students sounded amazing, really happy to have been involved.” Rachel

“It was good to see you again at the wonderful concert in Putney on Friday.  The talent of your young musicians never ceases to amaze me!” Marcus

Here are also some pictures from the night:


17th November 2017

See more from previous years:

Friday 18th November 2016

This year, we were honored to present the debut performance of a brand new composition, ‘Heartbeat: Spirit of Brazil’, written especially for the 51st State Band by acclaimed virtuoso pianist and composer, Julian Joseph. Julian’s beautiful composition featured layers of harmony which challenged every member of the band and featured every section.

“Thank you Julian for writing such an amazing and challenging piece of music!” – Emilly

“Thank you for writing such a groovy tune that encompasses the band so well.” – Julia

“Heartbeat is such a beautiful composition, thank you for giving us the honour of performing it.” – Ezekiel


“It is absolutely amazing and wonderful to see everyone progressing, developing and flourishing into amazing young artists. It was a privilege to witness the premiere of Julian Joseph’s magical composition which was performed with such style and panache.” – Sue

“We were truly honoured to see the concert last night. We came out bursting with positive energy. To see people of all generations working together is heart warming. How incredible for young ones to have the opportunity to be part of it at such a formative age.” – Zdravka

Friday 10th October 2015

This year, we were delighted to welcome a host of acclaimed musicians: leading saxophonist Patrick Clahar; world-class trumpet player Byron Wallen and sixth Generation Hungarian violinist Laci Olah. We also welcomed internationally renowned pianist, Julian Joseph and legendary British actor Alun Armstrong as our guest presenters. The 51st State Band performed award-winning original composition ‘If I Spoke My Mind’ by the incredible Tony Kofi, which had only been played before by the BBC Big Band! 

“I think what’s so special about an evening like this is how inspiring it is. It’s a night where local youths create a show that the local community can enjoy which brings people together.” – South West London TV


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